Stilian Kirov, Music Director
Daniel Dorff, Composer-in-Residence

. Performance of the winning work by Symphony in C, conducted by Maestro Rossen Milanov, on September 19, 2015.
. Concert later broadcast/webcast on WRTI-FM and
. Professional archival recording of the performance.
. Domestic airfare and hotel accommodations to attend rehearsals and concert.
. Winning work to be considered by Theodore Presser Company for inclusion in its rental library.

. Only composers born after September 19, 1985 may apply.
. Works with a performance history are eligible.
. Instrumentation may not exceed 3-2-2-2 woodwinds (incl. standard doublings), 4-3-3-1 brass, Timpani, 3 Percussion, Harp, and Strings. Please note this maximum instrumentation is different from previous years, and does not include Keyboard. Works with soloists are not eligible. An FAQ about instrumentation details is online at
. Only US citizens, permanent residents, and current foreign students at American schools may apply.
. Duration should be between 8 and 15 minutes.
. The winning composer must provide 2 full scores and a full set of parts, with a sufficient string count.
. The winning composer may be asked to participate in educational outreach programs during the week of rehearsals.
. Scores must be of a legibility suitable for efficient rehearsal and performance. Parts must be carefully proofread, and of a legibility suitable for efficient rehearsal and performance, with good page turns, and ample rehearsal numbers and cues. We recommend that all entrants consult our guidelines for preparing score and parts. You can click here to download a copy in pdf format.

. Send all materials to Symphony in C Young Composers' Competition, 576 Haddon Ave., Collingswood, NJ 08108. Packages must be postmarked by August 1, 2015.
. Submit 2 copies of the full score and 1 copy of a sample instrumental part. Only one work may be submitted by each composer. Scores must be submitted as hard copy, not as digital files.
. A stamped, addressed return envelope with sufficient size and postage (without expiration date) must be enclosed for return of all materials. Submissions sent without a return envelope will not be returned.
. Two copies of a recorded performance or reading session, or a piano or midi demo tape are preferred, but are not required.  Recordings must be sent as an Audio CD. 
***Each application must include a completed entry form -
click here to download the entry form***
. Supplementary bio materials (2 copies) may be enclosed but are not required.
. Previous winners are not eligible.
. Any questions about the application process should be directed to Daniel Dorff, Composer-in-Residence, at 610-306-9480, or - Please do not direct general inquiries to the orchestra's office. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions page.

2014-15: Charles Peck: - Metropolitan
2013-14: Jules Pegram - Neon Nights
2012-13: Douglas Buchanan - Malleus
2011-12: Roger Zare - Green Flash
2010-11: Michael Gilbertson - Wingspan
2009-10: Andrew McPherson - Interstate Holiday
2008-09: Clint Needham - Radiant Nation
2007-08: Zhou Tian - The Palace of Nine Perfections
2006-07: Takuma Itoh - Concerto for Orchestra
2005-06: Michael Djupstrom - Prelude to a Forgotten Opera
2004-05:  Martin Kennedy - Oranges
2003-04:  John Kaefer - Mosaic
2002-03:  Anthony Cheung - Serendipitous Scenes
2001-02:  David Laganella - Lamentoso
2000-01:  Dan Coleman - The Voice of the Rain
1999-2000: Carter Pann - Slalom
1998-99:  Paul Yeon Lee - Silhouette
1997-98:  Amy Scurria - Beyond All Walking
1996-97:  Michael Karmon - And the Rhythm Is Just a Little Bit Off...