Music by Daniel Dorff

Deep Funk, Pt. 2: Dance Sonata for Solo Viola (15')
- COMMISSIONED and PREMIERED by violist Mara Gearman 
- FIRST PRIZE: Salsa Grande movement in 2003 Hvar Music Festival composers' competition.
- PUBLISHED by Theodore Presser Company (114-41196).
- AUDIO EXCERPTS from the premiere by Mara Gearman:
from Mvt. 1, "Salsa Grande"
from Mvt. 2, "Romance"
from Mvt. 3, "Agitato Swirl with Waltzes" 
from Mvt. 4, "Prelude and Free Form Viola Funk"

Desert Dusk for Alto Flute and Cello (8½')
- COMMISSIONED by Mélomanie, for flutist Kimberly Reighley and cellist Douglas McNames, premiered in May 2017.

Fantasia for String Quartet (10')

- COMPOSED for and PREMIERED by the Ysaye Quartet, featuring Elmar Oliveira and Michael Finckel, Ithaca NY, Fall 1975.


It Takes Four to Tango for String Quartet, String Quintet, or String Orchestra (2')

- Quartet PUBLISHED by Theodore Presser Company (114-40942)
- Q
uintet  PUBLISHED by Theodore Presser Company (114-41060)
- String Orchestra PUBLISHED by Theodore Presser Company (116-40040)

- PERFORMANCES include Colorado Symphony's outreach concerts.
- AUDIO EXCERPT: Harmo Saxophone Quartet playing the sax version 
- YOUTUBE of the New Jersey Bassoon Quartet

It Takes Four to Tango for Violin (or Flute) and Guitar (2')

- PUBLISHED by Theodore Presser Company (114-41327).

Lamentations for String Orchestra (5')  

- COMPOSED for the Santa Monica Civic Orchestra, Frank Fetta, Music Director.
- PERFORMANCES include Concerto Soloists Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Marc Mostovoy conductor.
- REVIEW: "Worthy of the spotlight... the most interesting and sensitively performed on the concert... the composer should be heard from again."
                                  - Philadelphia Inquirer (Valdes), October 27, 1987.
- PUBLISHED on rental from Theodore Presser Company, score available for sale.


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Peaceful Journey for Cello and Piano ( 8')  

- PUBLISHED by Tenuto Publications (Presser 494-02688).

Spark for unaccompanied Viola (3')  
- COMMISSIONED by Kirk Smith.
- PREMIERE by Yvonne Smith, Shepherd School of Music, November 22, 2009

- YOUTUBE of Yvonne Smith performing Spark

Sunburst for Solo Violin with String Orchestra (3')

- COMMISSIONED and PREMIERED by the Colorado Symphony's Up Close and Musical series for 20-30 performances (1998-2000 seasons), to demonstrate sounds and colors of the violin.
- PERFORMANCES include Nashville Symphony
- PUBLISHED on rental from Theodore Presser Company, score available for sale.

Sunshine Rondo for Violin and Piano (2')  
- PUBLISHED by Tenuto Publications (Presser 494-02689).
Premiere by Todd Reynolds and Leonard Lehrman 

The Three Little Pigs  for Narrator, Violin, and Cello (10')
The familiar story is told with lots of special effects, and with leitmotives identifying each of the pigs and the wolf, to illustrate variations on recurring patterns. A perfect story for illustrating variations on a theme.

- COMMISSIONED in 2004 by the American Composers Forum community partnerships for the Auricolae ensemble and Strings in the Schools.
- OTHER PERFORMANCES include Aspen Music Festival, Society for New Music, and members of the Philadelphia Orchestra.
- PUBLISHED by Theodore Presser Company (111-40216).
- RECORDED on New Focus Recordings, FCR108.
Three Mysteries of Nagasaki for Violin and Percussion (13')

- PREMIERED by Terry Vermillion (perc) and Marion Judish (vn), 
St. Cloud, MN., Feb. 2000.
- PUBLISHED by Theodore Presser Company (114-41079).

- AUDIO EXCERPTS from the premiere:
from Mvt. 1
          from Mvt. 2
from Mvt. 3

Terry Vermillion's set-up for premiere

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