Music by Daniel Dorff

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (24')

- COMMISSIONED by the Etowah Youth Orchestras for pianist Jeffrey Biegel.
- PUBLISHED by Theodore Presser Company (full score and two-piano version for sale, orchestra parts on rental).

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The Day Things Went Wrong at the Pet Store - 11 Cartoons for Piano (17')
- PREMIERED by Sheryl Lee, Carnegie Hall, February 25, 2007.
- PUBLISHED by Tenuto Publications (490-01145)
     1. A Hummingbird Hides on the Ceiling 
     2. Kissing Gouramis Get Chapped Lips 
     3. An Inchworm Converts to Metric 
     4. The Melancholy Collie (Lassie Sings the Blues) 
     5. A Tortoise Drinks Decaf and Falls Asleep 
     6. Centipedes Dance a Sarabande 
     7. A Color-blind Peacock Suffers Through Mating Season 
     8. Two Moths Fight Over an Old Flame 
     9. A Worm with Two Broken Hearts 
     10. An Injured Gerbil Goes to the Re-tail Store 
     11. Two Porcupines Try to Cuddle


Four Idylls for Piano (7')

- PUBLISHED by Lauren Keiser Music.

Romanza on a Theme of Rochberg for Piano (4')
- COMMISSIONED by Mrs. Gene Rochberg to celebrate George Rochberg's 70th birthday, and based on the opening theme of Rochberg's 1985 Piano Trio.
- PREMIERED by Nancy McDill, through Delaware Valley Composers, 6/4/88, Philadelphia.
- PUBLISHED by Theodore Presser Company (110-40719).

Six Dances for Piano (8')
- PUBLISHED by Lauren Keiser Music.

Look What I Can Play! collection of easy pieces for piano
     The Adventures of Mary's Little Lamb
     Prelude and Fugue on "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"  
     Variations on "This Old Man" in the Styles of Famous Composers  
     Variations on "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"  
     and many shorter pieces.

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